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To contact simply means to get satisfactory answers or solutions to queries or doubts. Australian Fashion Council (AFC) considers this communication as the most vital means to stay in touch with their members. After all, communication is the key to personal and career success, according to Peter Meyer. This is exactly what our intermediate aim is: yours and ours mutual success.

Our team is always on its toes to help our members regardless of the time, medium of contact, or purpose of contact. This is evident through our more than one functional medium of contact such as e-mail, contact form, phone, and live chat. Our phone and live chat media are active 24 x 7, while there is more than one e-mail for interrogating us.

If you have queries regarding any of our services, experiences, or establishment, a single e-mail with all puzzling questions can bring the original and precise replies to you in no time. Our amicable team answers to all questions even if it is for the 100th time! If you do not want to e-mail, simply submit a query by filling the below form and our concerned staff member shall contact you at the earliest.

No matter which contact medium you choose, contacting AFC is just a step away. It cannot be easier than this! Several mediums of contact for offering solutions as quick as possible! This exactly is the goal of our contact team is!

Name: Joseph Wilson
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Address: 4497 Hamilton Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone Number: 410-266-9681