About Us

The Australian Fashion Council (AFC) is a non-profit institution established via a joined initiative by some crucial pioneers of the fashion industry. With the vision to fortify and foster the fashion industry of the country, it has an elaborate goal of supporting all designers who seek to uplift the level of fashion and style in Australia. It is determined to accomplish this goal by cherishing and highlighting originality, talent, and aptitude.

AFC educates, upholds, and empowers the aspirant professionals in obtaining the base in the world of fashion business. It strives to provide them each opportunity to evolve into recognized designers they desire to be. Thus, we are a heterogeneous institution with consistent zeal and ever-increasing efforts for nurturing fashion and design. Our team consists of artists, stylists, and designers, all seeking to aid emerging fashion professionals for evolving comprehensively.


Our mission is to uphold and motivate the ambitious fashion professionals to accomplish their career pursuits. Our objective is to support them with educational, communal, and creative experiences required for kicking off the career.


Our vision is to encourage the aspiring designers and lay the foundation of success for them

How We Contribute

With high veneration for the fashion industry in Australia, we perform the SWOT analysis to take style to the next level in the most appropriate manner. For this upliftment, our activities are based on three pillars of comprehensive support through programs and fundraising, constant nurturing through anytime guidance, and timely exchange of information and trends in the fashion industry.